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For months now my Archives (located on the right) have been redirecting to the Home Page of JohnNemec.com and I never could figure out why. It really wasn't a big deal to me at the time, but just today I wanted to look at some old article I'd written and couldn't get to them easily. With the fire lit I decided to solve this problem once and for all. So I went to Google.

After a quick search of "wordpress archive redirect to home" I found the WordPress.org Forums. As soon as I clicked the link and truly realized where I was I thought to myself, 'duh'. Keeping my fingers crossed while skimming the forum to find my answer I finally found what I was looking for.

The culprit all along was the Robots Meta plugin by Yoast. I didn't figure out the answer, I only found the solution and now I'm passing it off to you. Use it in good health.

From WordPress.org

For those who may have this issue also:

If you try to do searches using your default search box and doing so redirects to your homepage with no search being performed


When you click on an archive link and it redirects to your homepage without showing the archive content

If you happen to have the Robots Meta plugin by Yoast, this is the culprit causing the problem.

Here is the section of the Robots Meta plugin causing the problem: Uncheck the three BOLD settings to fix this.

Disable the author archives

If you're running a one author blog, the author archive will always look exactly the same as your homepage. And even though you may not link to it, others might, to do you harm. Disabling them here will make sure any link to those archives will be 301 redirected to the blog homepage.

Disable the date-based archives

For the date based archives, the same applies: they probably look a lot like your homepage, and could thus be seen as duplicate content.

Redirect search results pages when referrer is external

Redirect people coming to a search page on your site from elsewhere to your homepage, prevents people from linking to search results on your site.

NOTE: I have no idea why these three settings would cause the two problems I mentioned. The description for the settings mentions it's to block people outside of your website from linking to these search pages - I understand that part but why it actually prevents you from doing searches within the site itself or clicking on archive links from within the site itself I have no clue.

But anyhow I disabled these three settings and I'm back to normal with links and searches working.

Well, there you have it. My answer. Now you can use my fully functional Archive.



I had the same problem and I followed the above instructions. But, the archive links are still being redirected to home page. When I De-activate the plugin it works fine. Am I missing something??

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So, by de-activating the Robots Meta plugin by Yoast you've determined that it really is the problem. That narrows it down. Without being able to see anything on the backend, my only advise is to reactivate it and make sure your archives break again. If they do, and they should, try the steps over. Double check every click and check box option the Robots Meta plugin by Yoast gives you.

Let me know if you find the solution. I'm sure we are not the only ones to ever have a problem with our Wordpress Archives redirecting to the index.

Excellent Answer. I was using this plugin and after it was giving me problems. My author page & archive pages was redirecting to home page. I have disabled that plugin and now it is working fine. Thanks once again. Good work. :)

I also followed the advice from the forum, but my archives still kept redirecting. When I deactivated my Robots Meta plugin, I still got the same problem, so maybe something else is causing this in my case?

I take it back, this time, instead of just disabling the archive redirect, I disabled the search redirect too, and now I have my archives back ;)

The plugin obviously needs work in this area, or at least better instructions :p

Disabling the Meta Robots completely worked for me as well in fixing my archives. I first unchecked the above items but my archives were still redirecting to my home page. Disabling the plugin made them work again. I wonder why that is?

The reason these redirects are set up this way is to avoid duplicate content penalties by Google. If Google indexes your archives they will show up as dupes and will negatively effect the ability of these pages to rank in the search results since they are effectively competing against each other.

I'm not sure why redirects are being used. I thought the plugin was only adding noindex entries to the meta robots tags. This is a very powerful but complex plugin. I wouldn't recommend disabling it unless you really have to. It can greatly effect the amount of traffic you get from search engines - especially if you have a lot of posts.

i am also experiencing the same thing when theme tester plugin activated.

It's happening the opposit: Front Page is redirect to Archive Page that i create this afternoon.

I try the suggested tips and to disable the mentioned plugin in but nothing happened.

I cleared the archive page and i add its URL to Google Webmaster tools to be cleared also.

It was happened some monthes ago that from my wordpress page menù choosing a page to edit another one was displayed.

After cleared the database tables bug disappeared.

Now i asked to my hosting service to do that for me.

I already add following row to WP_config.sys

define('WP_SITEURL', 'http://mydomain.it');

define('WP_HOME', 'http://mydomain.it');

as suggested in some wordpress.org Forum

but nothing happened

Some other suggestion?


Disabling all plugin my wordpress works properly !

I' m going on to check, may it depends from last plugin i added?

Disabling the Robots Meta Plugin worked for me.

Redirection plug in cause the problem!

Thank you very much. Two day i try to find the solution. And now all problem from my site because the plugin wordpress seo by yoast. Thanks.

Thanks for the tips. Same problem with WP SEO plugin from Yaost.

Redirecting your tag to your homepage is really not a bad idea, wordpress auto generates an abundance of links for everything, its actually wise to redirect those requests to your homepage and use categories to navigate through archives..

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