The Beginners Guide To World War For The iPhone

So you’ve decided to start playing World War on your iPhone. It looks really cool, hey what’s better than a war game, and it has a great opening graphic, but where do you start? What do you do? I’ll tell you. Now, I can’t promise that you’ll be the best player in the history of World War for the iPhone, I certainly am not, but hopefully after reading this you’ll have a better idea of how to play and succeed.

Oh, by the way, click on the images to make them larger.

First, lets flesh out the main page and see what everything does.

World War iPhone Main ScreenLets do the easy ones first; at the very top you have your Money, Experience and current Level.

Your Money does exactly what you think it does, buys stuff (more on this later).

Experience tracks how close or far you are from advancing to the next Level. As you advance Levels you gain the option to play different Missions, buy different Units, and build different Buildings among other things.

The next row down is your Health, Energy and Ammo.

Your Health is more or less your Hit Points. When you battle someone or someone attacks you, you can lose Health. If you lose too much Health you die, but don’t fret, you don’t have to start over and it doesn’t kick you out of the game; it just add a Death to you’re My Profile page.

Energy is used to do Missions, more on this in the Missions section.

Ammo is used to Battle other players. Every time you battle someone you use an Ammo. It’s not gone forever, a counter will start and when it reaches zero you gain 1 Ammo back so you can battle again.

Every once-in-a-while, the nice people running World War offer you Honor Points or a new Unit for signing up for a different game. My advice is, do it. Most of the time it’s free, and if you don’t like the game or think World War is enough for you, once you get your Honor Points you can delete it.

The next area is a nice little graphic that tells you your Name, how many people are in your Alliance and your Alliance Code. And if you’re like me, you may find yourself tapping the screen in that area to see if it does anything. Try tapping around to see where it takes you.

World War Missions ScreenThe Missions button takes you too the Missions screen. Here is where you can battle to gain Experience, Money and sometimes Loot. Each mission has requirements to complete them, Energy (yup, this is where you use Energy), Alliance size and Units. There is also a ranking system, so each time you play a mission you gain more rank experience to eventually Master the Mission. If you master an entire section (Europe, Balkans, Africa, ect.) you will gain a special Loot.

World War Battle ScreenBattle is exactly what you think it is, a place to go fight the bad guys, but don’t go attacking with out the right Units and Alliance members. Here it tells you what country the bad guy is in, gives you a link to their page (so you can see their stuff), how many people are in the other guys Alliance, and a quick Attack button. Also on the top is the Sanctions list.

The Units button is where you buy your military so you can Battle the bad guys. Here you can pick what type of Units you want to buy (Infantry, Ground, Water, and Air) and see the stats of each unit. The trick with buying Units is, buy enough to defend yourself as well as attack. And when I say enough, I mean there is some math involved.

World War Units ScreenThe Unit Math

Take your current level and multiply that by five, that’s how many Alliance members you should have. Now take that number and multiply it by 6, and that’s how many units you should have. So, since I’m at level 53, I should have no less than 265 Alliance members (53 x 5). Each Alliance member can use 6 units, so I should have 1590 (265 x 6) attack units and 1590 defense units (if I could afford it). It’s relatively easy early on, but as you gain levels it gets harder, so keep that in mind as you start gaining levels.

Some Units can cost you money each round, so pay close attention to how much the unit will cost you compared to how much you are actually making.

World War Buildings ScreenThe Buildings, where I spend most of my time, is where you can buy things to help defend yourself, earn you more money, and raise your Energy. I highly advise you to spend your time in here, whenever you can, and buy as much money and defense as you can. It will help you.

The Vault is where you can store your money when you are not playing or if you’re saving up for something special. But keep in mind, there is a 10% fee for every deposit you make.

Restore is where you can pay to refill your Health. I never use this, your Health refills itself on its own. But you may find yourself fighting someone and running out of energy so you cant attack, it may be a good idea to fill yourself back up so you can keep on battling.

The President section is where you can spend your Honor Points. My advice is to save your Honor Points for either Secret Reinforcement or the Money.

My Profile is where you can find out all about yourself and spend Skill Points. Everything in there is pretty self explanatory, but I’ll take a minute and explain the Skill Points.

Under the Skills tab are your Skills, every time you advance a level you gain some Skill Points to be used here. My advice early in the game is to either build up your defense or put one in Attack, one in Defense and one in Max Energy. I normally don’t put anything in the Max Health or Max Ammo, but I also don’t attack all that often.

World War Recruit ScreenThe Alliance screen is where you can add people to your alliance, see who is in your alliance and check out the Leaderboard. Why don’t you test it out now by inviting JSJTRW to your Alliance.

I’m sure there are plenty of things I’ve missed, try just tapping them and see what happens. I intentionally didn’t go into the Settings or Help screens, you can play with those by yourself. I also had no interest in going into the News Feed, it’s pretty self explanatory.

So you may saying to yourself, "Self, That was a lot of info. What am I suposted to do with all that?" Well, here's the low down:

  • Money makes the world go round - save it for Units and Buildings
  • Get as many Alliance Members as you can
  • Follow the Units to Alliance Member / Level Rule - 5 Alliance Members per Level, 6 Units per Alliance Member
  • Keep track of how much your Units cost, Money is the most important
  • Don't waist your Honor Points on anything but Money or Secret Reinforcement
  • and finally add JSJTRW

Well, I hope this helped, and if you have any questions post a comment and I promise I'll respond.  OH! and feel free to add you Alliance Codes here or on my previous post Sick Addiction To World War for the iPhone.




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Thanks for all of the World War codes, and you all have been added. I hope my Beginners Guide to World War for the iPhone helps. Let me know how it works for you, and spread the word about how cool World War for the iPhone is!

And if there is anything else you want to know about, or if I left a subject out, let me know, I'll research it and try to write another article up.

Thanks for your help.. also do you know... how is it decided how much money you get from attacking someone (assuming they haven't vaulted it all)? I'm on level 11 sometimes I get 20,000 sometimes 2,000.. is there some formula?

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You know, I'm not positive on what the percentage is, but my best guess is that it's no more than 1/4 of what the user makes per hour. But I also think there is a cap on how much you can take depending on your level. For instance, I'm on level 99 right now and at any given time I have about 100 mil in my hand and when attacked and lose they usually get no more than 25 mil. But even early in the morning when I first open World War for the iPhone and I have 2 billion in my hand, they've only taken 25 mil or so (usually multiple times).

One thing you can do is after you attack and win go check their stats and see what buildings they have and guess about how much money they are making per hour. That way you might get a rough estimate. Let me know what you find out. I'm sure others want to know as well.

Thanks a lot great reply.. i think i need to vault/camp for about 2 months now...

Hey friend, I wanted to see if you could explain to me how Links work in world war and what the heck they are. Thx

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Sorry, looks like I missed this one.

Not sure if I really understand the question, but I'll talk about Links on World War for a while just so I feel like I'm doing something productive.

One question I see a lot is, if you change your name will it break the link on your enemies pages? The answer is, NO. Changing your name will only waist your honor points (unless your joining an EVER VALUABLE alliance).

If your worried about being farmed by someone, don't post anything on their page. Every post is a link back to you. If you've posted on the wrong persons page and now they are using you as a farm, there is very little you can do but wait them out. Just bank your money or spend it on buildings before they can attack you again. Sure, it sucks for your stats, but there is really nothing else you can do.

I did have a thought about this, but have never been able to try it. Supposedly, once a link leaves the home screen it is deactivated. If you are being farmed, try getting 10 people to post 10 things on the farmers page. That should deactivate the link. But again, I've never tried it, but let me know if it works for you.

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So, since I’m at level 53, I should have no less than 265 Alliance members (53 x 5). Each Alliance member can use 6 units, so I should have 1590 (265 x 6) attack units and 1590 defense units (if I could afford it).

does this mean a total of 3180 units (i.e 265 x 12)?
also how do you know if a unit is defensive or attacking?
does a building count as a unit?

cheers for the great article and any help!

ps add me RKXPYF

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Yes, you are correct, for a level 53 person you will need a minimum of 265 alliance members, but my advise is to starting working on that magic number of 1,000 now. level 200 x 5 = 1000. The higher your alliance numbers are will give you one less thing to think about. Keeping track of the many different things can get complicated.

And again, you are correct, you can use 1590 when defending and attacking, So in theory, you could have a complete set of units for attacking and defending - thus the magic number of 3180.

World War for the iPhone will take care of some of the math for you, it will determine what units are need when. So, in short, World War will pick your strongest defensive units when you are being attacked, and your strongest attacking units when you are attacking. No need to think.

No your buildings don't count as units, they are added on to your grand total. If you attack someone of the same level, the screen should tell you what they are defending with, including the buildings. So if the enemy can have 1000 units, they may have 11,000 defensive units because they have 10,000 defensive buildings.

So build your defensive units and buildings, watch your money, and make sure you make at least you level number in millions. So if your level 53 you should be earning at least 53,000,000 an hour. If you're not doing that, camp out on your level until you do. To make the process run a little faster, you may want to drop your attack units for a little while while you are collecting money buildings. NEVER get rid of your defensive units and buildings.

I know that was a little long winded, but I hope it helps. Let me know if you need me to explain something further.

So i'm on level 8 ... this means i should have:

40 alliances (8 x 5)

and 480 units (40 x6 = 240 defensive units and 40 x 6 = 240 attacking units)


gosh this game is complex...

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read the post above... but yes, you are correct. And you'll get the hang of World War for the iPhone soon enough. Just remember, money matters.

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What about ATM's? Can you go into detail on how that works? I have been searching in vain but all the info I have found is less than vague. I would sure liek to hit a few but dont know how to find them

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It's a whole lot of info. thks for taking the time to share.

one thing i'm not clear about is the skill points. How does it add to your attack or defense?

also, I have 46 alliance members, but after I attacked, the screen will just show me i've used a total of 281 units only.

why is that so?

your expertise and knowledge on the above is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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Plz help. Have been playing for 2 years. Phone was stolen. Is there anyway to get my old profile and data back. App is asking me to start a new game and I dont want to do that.

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Been playing a while and at lvl 117 and cant figure out
during attacks or deffence why doesnt my buildings get used? I see
where all my units are beeing used but never a building. Any info
on this would be awsome?


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