The Asparagus Psychic

With the coming of a new year means the coming of new predictions, which I find fascinating. One of my favorite radio programs is Paranormal Tuesday on the Dave Glover Show with Dr. Lynch, and at the end of every year he makes his predictions. Believing in psychics or not,it’s always fun to listen and see how close they get.

Jemima Packington makes her forecasts by throwing asparagus in the air and analysing how it lands Photo: NEWSTEAM

So in my quest to find 2010 predictions I ran across a news article from the Telegraph stating that a fortune-teller uses asparagus to look into the future.

Mystic Jemima Packington, who claims to be the country’s first asparamancer, makes her forecasts by throwing the vegetable in the air and analyzing how it lands.

"Readings vary. Sometimes it will be absolutely instantaneous and other times it takes a little bit of interpretation," she said.

"Some leap out at you and others take a little bit longer."

Miss Packington, from Pershore, Worcestershire, said: "Vale of Evesham asparagus is not in season at the moment and I refuse to use anything else. I have made my predictions using asparagus sausages, which might account for some slight anomalies

Thus far her predictions have been correct. She correctly identified the names and order of housemates that would be evicted from Big Brother 2008 - the only fortune teller to do so out of four clairvoyants.

Most of her predictions, that I’ve seen, are about England, but it’ll still be fun to see if they happen. She predicted that Britten will experience an extended heatwave this summer and George Clooney and Helen Mirren will win Oscars in 2010.

Only time will tell if she is right, but I did a little asparamancy myself and the asparagus said that she’s a nut-job and will disappear into obscurity.


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