Old Tyme Apple Festival In Versailles, MO

On Oct. 3rd I had the privilege to visit the town of Versailles, MO for the Old Tyme Apple Festival. My wife and I have a tendency to visit these obscure places and see the arts and crafts they have to offer. The Old Tyme Apple Festival in Versailles was by far one of the largest we have ever attended. With over 450 booths, 4 entertainment stages, parade, and large car and motorcycle show, the Versailles Apple Festival did offer something for everyone.

Versailles Old Tyme Apple FestivalNormally I go theses festivals for the food, beer and music. Occasionally I find something I want to buy, like a hot sauce or salsa, but the rule of thumb is, if I can’t eat it there I’m not going to buy it. It’s not that I don’t think the arts and crafts are good, on the contrary, I think they are very well made and show an enormous amount of talent. I just have no need for a hand carved wooden fairy or a candle with wax that can be used as skin moisturizer or grout cleaner.

With this trip we killed two birds with one stone, we not only attended the Old Tyme Apple Festival in Versailles but we also visited my wife’s parents. We went to the in-laws on Friday night with the plan of leaving early the next morning for Versailles. Having no idea how large this festival actually was I didn’t think twice about leaving early to find a parking spot. But when we arrived, to my surprise, festivalgoers had overrun the town.

We had to park nearly a mile away from the edge of the festival, which took place in downtown Versailles. We found a nice spot right in front of someone’s house; I don’t think they minded because most likely they were selling something in the festival.

Versailles Apple Festival CrowdWhen arriving at the festival I was amazed at the amount of people there, from a distance it looked as if there wouldn’t be any more room for us. It amazed me the amount of people that came out to look at commemorative McDonalds cups displayed nicely on a 2x4 covered in burlap. But, none the less, they were there and we had to deal with them.

The event is called The Old Tyme Apple Festival, but it was hard to find anything that had anything to do with apples. Other than a few booths tucked away in the back that sold apples, apple butter, and cider, there really weren’t any apples. I saw more stands selling hotdogs and Philly cheese steaks than apples.

Versailles Apple Festival Pony RideWe enjoyed ourselves as we walked from booth to booth seeing the wonders of small town America. Part of me thought that it looked as if Wal-Mart exploded in downtown Versailles, but what can you expect at a small town art festival.

My Son On DaisyOne of the main reasons for me to go to these festivals is to spend more time with my kid, which allows me to act like a kid again myself. At the Versailles Apple Festival my son and I got very excited when we saw a pony ride. For only $5 he could ride in a circle on the back of 'Butterscotch', 'Daisy' or 'Ima Horse' for a few minutes. My son had a wonderful time doing this and it was equally fun for me. I taught him to yell 'Yea-Ha' every time he passed his mother and grandparents. It wasn’t until after that it dawned on me that we could have inadvertently been insulting the real cowboys in the crowd. Luckily we made it through this event without incident.

My only regret was I missed out on some of the great food. Because we were planning on going to a Mennonite restaurant after the festivities I didn’t stop and eat as much as I normally would. I did get some sugar-covered nuts and a pulled pork sandwich, but I’m sure under other circumstances I could have eaten my weight in food on a stick.

All in all the Old Tyme Apple Festival in Versailles was a wonderful time and if given a chance I would go back again next year. And most likely I will, and never fear, I will give you another report then as well.


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