Hits 100 Posts!

I can’t believe that it’s already my 100th post! It seems like such a short time ago that I started writing a blog because I had nothing better to do but try to become a better writer. Now here I am, I can’t say that I’m a better writer, but it truly does give me something to do.

Over the past 100 posts this blog has evolved from a SEO / Web Development site to a site about anything and everything about me. Which does include SEO and Web Development, but also includes short stories about My Boring Life, my interest in Strange Stuff and Technology, and of course the place where I spend over 50 hours a week, Graybar.

It’s been an exciting and wild ride (as exciting and wild as blogs can be) and I hope to write another hundred posts. I’ve learned way more than I ever expected about Wordpress, SEO and Web Development in general. But I also learned how to write a complete sentence and to finish a thought.

Some surprising things have happened in these past 100 posts. The most surprising was what I thought was going to be a throw away post, Sick Addiction To World War for the iPhone, quickly became the most popular post on According to Google Analytics I’m averaging over 50 hits to the site a day on variations of the keywords ‘world war iphone’. I’m also ranking 7th in Google for the same keywords.

Other surprising things, the image in My First Tattoo is drawing a lot of traffic in Google Images and the Forum is exploding in popularity (at least page views). Even though no one comments on the Tattoo post or posts regularly on the Forum, I’m still getting a decent about of traffic. It makes me smile even though people are shy.

I received a lot of verbal feedback as well. Two posts come to mind that people have called me or personally told me that they really enjoyed the article, they were Hey I Think That Guy Needs A 7OE and The Boxing Gym. The Boxing Gym was my first post in My Boring Life and is what started it all off for me. I had a story that I HAD to tell the world, and because of that my blog changed forever. And the 7OE spawned the 7OE Shirts, which sales are going well, Thank You to everyone that bought one!

I do want to thank all of you for reading and sticking around these past 100 posts, and I promise I will do my best to make the next 100 as enjoyable, if not more.




Congrats, John. Here's to many, many hundreds more.

Congratulations John. Keep it up!

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